Our pies are made in small batches with cage free eggs, rbGH-hormone free butter and unbromated flour.  

Our signature Bean Pies start with dried beans cooked with cinnamon sticks. 

And our Sweet Potato Pies are made from whole sweet potatoes NEVER CANNED.

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What’s a Bean Pie?
Bean pies are masterfully described by the Chicago reader as a pies built on a whole‐wheat crust, with a filling of strained and mashed navy beans, butter, raw sugar, milk, eggs, cinnamon, and other baking spices, it develops a mildly sweet, dense, custardy understory, with a browned layer on top which is the result of the butter rising and browning in the heat of the oven. If nobody tipped you off to the fact that you were eating pie made from mashed navy beans, you could be forgiven for thinking it was sweet potato or pumpkin pie. 
Mmm Pies & Gourmet Desserts is a family owned and operated baking company located in New Haven, CT [USA]. We specialize is bringing the wholesome all natural goodness to desserts that bring back the memories of family, friends and community.

“The best bean pie I have tasted in a loooog time. She captured the soul of it!” 

    ~ Jameelah Ali
Phone: 206-Bean-Pie
Email: 2MmmPies@gmail.com
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