Fitness Guru Launches Bean Pie Company
  By Lucy Gellman

"Mubarakah Ibrahim didn’t expect a cancer scare to lead her to any sweet treats. But when a doctor found a growth on her uterus, she was hit with a thought that pierced her to her very core: What if I never get to eat bean pie again?

Ibrahim survived that scare. Now she is revisiting a culinary history she grew up with, and bringing it to New Haven.

Ibrahim is a well-known local fitness trainer and founder of the women’s health not-for-profit Fit Haven (as well as a radio host). She has now launched Mmm Pies and Gourmet Desserts, a New Haven bean pie bakery and distributor.

Watch out, New Haven. A new treat, with a backstory, has arrived."

Food, Fitness and Finding Balance
The Underground Table podcast with Tagan Engel.  

"Two fabulous fitness trainers who are also professional bakers talk Bean Pies & Hungarian sweets, health, heritage, and finding balance in life."

Guests: Mubarakah Ibrahim of Fit Haven and Mmm Pies & Gourmet Desserts and Kathy Riegelmann Fitness Trainer and Owner of Katalina's Bakery.

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