Our Story
Our Roots
Bean pies are commonly associated with soul food cuisine. Developed by members of the Nation of Islam in the 1970s, and sold on the corners along with Muhammad Speaks newspapers, this smooth, custard-like pie quickly transcended religion, culture and race to become a traditional food in Urban America, often substituting for sweet potato or pumpkin pies.

The bean pie is an authentic African American food, born out of pure culinary innovation and the desire to return to whole food eating, reclaim health and develop entrepreneurship and financial empowerment.

It began as a labor of love, reminiscing childhood memories of running to the basement corner store in Brooklyn, NY to grab a 6" bean pie for an afternoon snack between double dutch rounds. 

But as an adult I realized that there were no stores in my entire state that sell these unique, decadent, slices of my childhood memories. 

I then went on a mission to re-create them and offer them to friends and family with huge success.

"Mmm Pies and Gourmet Desserts" was born.
Our Birth
Our Mission
Our mission is to nurture families and connect diverse communities over a slice of pie.

We are committed to giving 5% of annual profit to non-profits and community efforts to teach financial literacy and entrepreneurship to underserved communities of color, becasue giving back is essential to our growth.
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